Training & Drill



Training & Drill

With more than 30 years of experience in the field of oil spill response, IMO trainings prepared within the scope of
circular numbered 2010/4 by an expert team and drills following these trainings provide guidance to you on the way of
being ready against oil spills.

    • Operation and Support Groups Training (IMO Seminar 1 - First Response)
    • Supervisors and Incident Scene Coordinators Training (IMO Seminar 2)
    • General Coordinator Training (IMO Seminar 3)
    • Shoreline Cleaning Supervisor Training Oil Spill on Land Training
    • Oil Spill Response Operations Training
    • Oil Spill Response Operations Management Training
    • Oil Spill Response Refresher Trainings
    • Incident Management System Trainings
    • Hazardous Materials Response Training (HAZMAT)
    • Confined Space Entry Trainings
    • Trainings for Oficers and Personnel Classification in Tankers
    • Disaster Management Trainings

Our Training and Drill Workshops