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Meke Marine is committed;

  • To make occupational health and safety and the environment a top priority for all employees that they agree and create a culture of safety,
  • By determining the dangers beforehand, to minimize the risks, examine possible accidents and near accident situations and share these with all team members and record the same,
  • To use natural resources most efficiently and economically,
  • By preventing and reducing all kinds of pollution at its source, to conduct its manufacturing and provide its services sensitively and in an environment-friendly manner,
  • To train all working personnel and interested parties, increase their awareness of responsibility and competence, and ensure their participation in the system,
  • To increase the quality of services and products consistently,
  • To comply with national and international laws, regulations and conventions and other requirements in all fields of activity,
  • To meet all customer demands and requirements of customer satisfaction without interruption,
  • To continuously monitor and develop the Integrated Management System, and as a result, to implement a sustainable system with targets, to communicate these with customers, subcontractors, suppliers and third party firms and authorities by suitable means, and help them in understanding MEKE values and services more easily.

Meke Marine
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